Language of the Image Course

After taking the Language of the Image course for PRCA 3339, I learned that there are various aspects and dimensions of a photograph as well as many different ways to take a photograph. Pictures are taken in different ways to emphasize certain characteristics. Photographs for publications different immensely from the action shots you may see in your local newspaper or even a national news paper. Also, action shots tend to grab the readers attention a lot more than your typical mug shot or or informational photograph.

I was surprised to learn that there were so many different aspects and meanings to photographs. It was also surprising to see how depending on the photographer and/or how something is photograph, certain emotions can be invoked. Two people can photograph the same exact thing, but one of the photographers may take the picture at a slightly different angle. This causes the two pictures to have different emotional value.

I would like to learn more about interpreting the meaning of photographs, and I would also like to learn more about photography itself. There are so many different tricks and ways to take a photograph that it almost blows my mind. I feel like learning how to take good photographs will ultimately help me in my career as a public relations and journalism professional. There is so much more to taking pictures than I initially thought, and learning these tools and tricks will help me broaden my intellectual capabilities in the field of communications and media.

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