The Wire – Reflecting American Culture

The Wire is possibly the greatest show on television, and it reflects the dark side of American culture.

The show focuses on the drug trade in Baltimore, Maryland. The show depicts the slums of Baltimore, as well as the politics that take place regarding the “War on Drugs.” Perhaps the greatest thing about this show is that you can learn new things every time you watch an episode.

It comes as no surprise that there is a lack of government funding in urban areas, and Baltimore clearly falls into this category. With crooked cops and politicians directing the “War on Drugs,” there is likely no end in site. One character in the show stated that it is not fair to call it a war because wars end. This, in my opinion, is the absolute truth.

The Wire gives an inside look at the corruption in politics, with politicians accepting campaign funding from notorious cocaine and heroin dealers. This is unfortunately reflective of American culture because it is not beyond the bounds of reason to assume that our politicians accept dirty money. Our own president accepted funds from Goldman Sacs. I will not say that the funds were dirty, but it definitely a possibility.

David Simon and Ed Burns are the creators of The Wire, and they served as a journalist and police officer, respectfully. Their depictions of the drug trade in Baltimore were frighteningly realistic, and it is extremely unfortunate that the depictions are reflective of American culture.

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