Why Should I Be Hired?

Public relations, journalism, marketing, advertising, and any other form of communication presents a very competitive field, so it is important to stay ahead of the game and go the extra mile. I feel that I have done just that over the past two years, and that is why I am a fine candidate for employment.

Throughout the last two years, I have acquired hands-on professional experience in the fields of public relations and journalism. My public relations experience increased significantly in the Spring of 2009 when my event team planned and coordinated the first annual Statesboro Film Festival at the Averitt Center for the Arts. Our client was the Statesboro Herald, and this proved to be a benefit because they were able to see my work ethic. I firmly believe this was the catalyst for boosting my motivation and ambition in this field. My team was successfully able to work through issues surrounding the event and turn the event into a major success. Our long-term goal was to make the Statesboro Film Festival an annual event, and the second Statesboro Film Festival recently took place in 2010.

I also served as a journalism and public relations intern for Georgia Southern’s Office of Marketing and Communications last summer, and I was able to hone my skills in the fields of public relations and journalism. Throughout the course of my internship, I gained experience in news reporting and feature writing, as well as strategic public relations planning and internal communications. If I was not strategizing with my superiors and colleagues on ways to implement the “True Blue” campaign, I was honing my journalism skills by conducting interviews with various individuals for feature stories for the My Georgia Southern website and Georgia Southern Magazine.

Not only did my work get published in Georgia Southern Magazine, but also in the Statesboro Herald. I submitted a press release to the Statesboro Herald last summer about a West Coast sports marketing trip consisting of GSU Sports Management students, and the Statesboro Herald felt inclined to run my press release in print.

My most recently published news print story was on Gary Dartt’s final project, The Visit, at GSU’s Performing Arts Center. This story really helped me hone my journalism skills because I sat down with Mr. Dartt for an in-depth interview to aid in my retrospective of his career. After a significant amount of editing due to length issues, my story was published in the front page below the fold. This was very gratifying and reflective of my work and dedication to the project. Prior to publication, I began to wonder if I had taken on too much. I was writing the story because I took on a position as a co-public relations coordinator with Theater South, GSU’s Theater and Performance program’s promotional team. I kept asking myself why I would take on such a task when I wasn’t even receiving credit for it, but I always told myself in the back of my mind that it would help build my character as well as my resume.

I was under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Abbott throughout the course of my time with Theater South, and she is by far one of the sweetest and most thoughtful individuals I have ever come in contact with. Although she became frustrated with me at times, I feel that she was ultimately pleased with the end result. “The Visit” received front page coverage, and I never would have accomplished a front page publication without her guidance.

The moral of this post is this: GO THE EXTRA MILE. I have lived the college life–drinking, parties, late nights, etc., but there comes a time when you have to put your future first. Once I found a field I was interested in and became involved, I grew to love it. As cheesy as it sounds, I have a genuine love for the fields of public relations and journalism. In essence, I guess that’s why it was not a difficult choice to take on everything I agreed to take on my senior year. My schedule has kept me extremely busy, but that is a good thing. I feel that if I am capable of juggling multiple projects throughout the course of a semester, then I will be fully capable of juggling multiple projects in the workforce.

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