Mayweather Trumps Mosley

Perhaps one of the last significant fights in the sport of boxing occurred last night, as the self-proclaimed pound for pound king of boxing Floyd “Money” Mayweather took on WBA Super World welterweight champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Mayweather expressed no interest in title belts and claimed the belt meant nothing to him, so it was scheduled as a non-title bout.

Mayweather showed no signs of ring rust after coming out of retirement to school Juan Manuel Marquez for 12 rounds in 2009, and he remains at the top of his game after last night’s performance. I scored the first round for Mosley, although it was somewhat inactive. However, the second round saw Mosley land crushing blows to Mayweather’s jaw and temple, significantly staggering the self-proclaimed pound for pound boxing king.

Mayweather showed why he is the best boxer today, though, when he managed to regroup and absolutely school Mosley from the third round on. It was extremely disheartening to see Mosley getting battered with punches he couldn’t see coming. Mayweather looked to be the much faster, stronger, and younger man. Mosely’s trainer continuously encouraged him to throw combinations, but making such an attempt against Mayweather’s speed and power is a good way to get your lights turned off.

Any boxing fan is now itching to see Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. This sounds like an extremely intriguing fight to many, but I for one feel that it will end by pure domination from Mayweather. I felt Mosley posed a much bigger threat to Mayweather than Pacquiao, and I still feel that way. If Mayweather vs Pacquiao ever happens, get ready to see a 12 round boxing clinic from Mr. Mayweather. I cannot stand the man, but I also cannot deny the brilliance he shows in the ring. Floyd Mayweather is, as of now, the greatest of all time.

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