Summer is Right Around the Corner

With Summer approaching, the stress and pressure is at an all time high because of one thing–GRADUATION.

I’m anticipating at least a weekend at the beach to cut loose. However, I am also anticipating the chance to bring in the cheddar ($) this summer, as I am interning with University Directories. I am looking forward to this internship because I will gain experience in outside advertising sales, an aspect of communications I have yet to be involved in.

I am flying to UNC Chapel Hill May 12 to begin my sales training, and I will return to Statesboro May 18 to begin selling advertisements to local businesses interested in having their brand recognized in GSU’s daily planner. I feel that I will be successful because I have lived in this general area prior to attending GSU, so I should have an advantage in establishing a rapport with the local business owners.

In the communications field, t’s all about getting your foot in the door somewhere. This internship could potentially serve as a means of finding permanent employment provided that I am successful during my time with University Directories. I am looking forward to networking with other professionals, as well as the challenges that await me this summer.

This will undoubtedly be a period of growth in my professional development, and I am eager to begin working with University Directories. In addition to interning with University Directories, I will be implementing a mini campaign for the Starbucks “however you want it” Frappuccinos. This will serve as a resume builder as well as a means of progressing my intellectual capabilities and strategic planning skills.

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