Political Cartoons

It is rather peculiar that President Obama supports offshore drilling. I was under the impression that he wanted to appease the environmental tree huggers, but clearly that is not the case. In all honesty, I believe he has a hidden agenda with this decision. Sure, this will provide a new source of oil while the country is in the process of becoming energy efficient. However, I think that President Obama is looking at the big picture. President Obama may begin to appeal more to the center-right wingers who support offshore drilling, thus increasing his chances of being elected for a second term.

It’s sad to think that race may actually play a factor in whether or not people agree with the president’s decisions. I figured we as a nation had come so far, that is not the case if race actually plays a factor in this regard. Of course everyone has the right to protest, so by all means, PROTEST! Just don’t let race be one of the underlying reasons for protesting. I understand why the Tea Movement is happening, but it is sickening to think that race would even remotely play a factor.

A couple of mistakes? Excuse me, Cleetus McImbecile (thanks, Bill Maher), but many would argue that your entire presidency was a complete and total disaster. I’m sorry if Barbara didn’t provide you with enough coloring books and crayons to keep you “busy” while you were president, but that’s no excuse for your horrific job as the leader of the free world. Don’t you get it, Bushy? Much of the world hated us because of you, and only recently have we began to mend the relational damages your stupidity caused. I bet you are one cool dude to sit around and have a beer with, but as far as leading the free world–I don’t think so. Take your coloring book, go sit in the corner, and let the grown-ups handle things from now on, okay big guy?

As a Christian, it pains me to see how much the Catholic Church has tarnished the image of Christianity around the world. Initially I thought the extremely inappropriate behavior among the Priests was only a few incidents in the US, but the fact that it has been happening all over the world has been brought to the forefront. The situation really causes me to question my morals because I would never wish any ill-will on a man of God. However, I feel that anyone who is capable of harming or sexually abusing a child serves absolutely no productive purpose in society and should be eliminated. I’m not talking about prison, either. Why should my tax dollars pay for a low life bottom feeding scum bag to receive 2-3 meals a day, a cot to sleep on, and possibly recreational time outside?

This goes to show you how corrupt the top 1% income earners are in this country. Not only do they get bailed out after being completely irresponsible, but they use the bailout money for extra bonuses and vacations?! This is absolutely appalling, and these individuals should be fired and even indicted. It must be nice to bleed green and care nothing about anyone but you and your little inner circle.



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