My Favorite Work of Art

How do you define a work of art? In all honestly, I think it depends on perception. One can take a bucket of paint and splash it against a white wall, and there you have it–ART. I feel that art can be virtually anything, but it has to involve emotion of some sort. I can’t specifically name one single favorite work of art, but I can say my favorite artists make up a musical group called Perpetual Groove.

With a mind-bending funkadelic sound and retina-burning light shows, Perpetual Groove’s art appeals to me more than any other. I’ve heard some say, “When you see a piece of artwork that moves you, that’s when you know you should buy it.” I’ve never really been into paintings, sculptures, and things of that nature, but Perpetual Grooves music undoubtedly moves me each and every time I see the band perform.

It is hard not to consider Perpetual Groove’s material art after witnessing an entire show. So much hard work and preparation go into the performances, and it is always a pleasure to see the artwork unfold. With a constant stream of colors and grooves that are indeed “perpetual,” the artwork tends to come to life so to speak.

Amberland, Perpetual Groove’s three-day festival is a little more than a month away, and I am looking forward to witnessing the band blow the minds of all of the “perps” in attendance. Each member has a well developed artistic sense, and I cannot wait to see what the group has in store for the fans this year.

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