Music: My Passion

Everyone is passionate about something, whether it’s one’s work, children, sports, or my personal passion–MUSIC.

Music has been a big part of my life since I was a child. I look back on my child hood, and a significant amount was spent trying to play rock and roll music with my friends in my Dad’s garage. The key word is trying because I’m no Neil Peart, but I do have a tendency to let myself go behind a drum kit.

Not only do I enjoy playing music, but I thoroughly enjoy kicking back and tuning in to some smooth jams by my favorite band, Perpetual Groove

Perhaps it’s the trance-inducing jams by Perpetual Groove that appeals to me, or maybe it is the camaraderie that I have developed with an assortment of fans from all over the United States.

Perpetual Groove fans are basically one big family, “Perps” if you will. I see the same faces at every show as well as new ones, and that only increases my passion for this band. Perpetual Groove’s fan base is ever increasing and my passion for their music will continue to increase.

  1. Great post! I can really tell how passionate you are not only about music in general but also for P.Groove. I like how you detail what attracts you to the band instead of simply saying that you like them. Also, I love the pictures you included.

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