Man-made Geographical Features

Man-made geographical features are artificial creations large enough that they may show up on a regional map.


    • Geoff Carr
    • March 9th, 2010

    Did they complete all assignments? Yes.
    Are their commentaries well-informed and professional? Yes.
    Are their posts interesting? For the most part.
    I’d be willing to have an interview Jonathan after reading his blog. His entries are short, but insightful and easy to read. He doesn’t struggle to get to the point but he makes his message clear.

    My favorite was the entry on Marijuana and its beneficial uses – not because I’m a pot-head or a fan of the stuff. *In fact I’m rather against the smell of it* But it was still good enough to make you think . . .why not legalize it? He also presents his argument in such a way that it doesn’t sound as though he himself engages in any illegal activity – instead he is looking at the economic benefits to legalizing the drug. A because of the distance he puts between himself and the act of smoking marijuana a personal interview is still tempting to an open-minded employer.

    My least favorite of his entries was the one on fast food – only because it didn’t offer a unique prospective or thought that he put into his mary jane article. Once again it was short and easy to understand but the point – parents shouldn’t let their kids eat so much fast food – has become cliche’. However in his defense it is a rather tired topic anyway.

    I love his use of pictures to break up long entries or make short ones look thicker. His image selections were also quite appropriate and eye catching, and his use of hyperlinks kept the entries from being over cluttered.
    All in all very nice.

    • Geoff Carr
    • March 25th, 2010

    I mostly agree. I feel the biggest fault I can find that your opinions are often hard to find in your editorials. Facts are great, but you need a strongly defined opinion to classify your work as an editorial.

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