Social Networking Opens Many New Doors

It is apparent that social networking serves a much larger purpose than connecting to a friend through a network over the Internet.  Social networking provides the “average joe” with a means to express his or her opinion, which can be seen by anyone in the world with an Internet connection.  Not only that, but it provides businesses, organizations, schools, and other groups with a means to market and/or advertise to a world-wide audience.

Facebook is one of the most notable social networking sites online, and it has added the option to create a “Fan Page,” and this is what many businesses, organizations, schools, etc. use to market and/or advertise. 

Twitter is another notable social networking tool; however, I tend to get annoyed by certain “tweets.”  I understand “tweeting” about something significant in the news or posting a link to a blog with positive reviews of your company’s most recently distributed product, but why “tweet” about  your spaghetti noodles boiling over?

Linkedin is one of my favorite social networking sites because it allows you to connect with other people in your field of profession, and it also serve as an online resume.  Past and present employers and/or fellow employees are able to provide you with recommendations that are visible on your personal profile, and you are able to provide others with recommendations.  It is comparable to Facebook, only it is based on one’s profession.

Social networking has undoubtedly opened new doors for things like providing the news instantly, expressing one’s opinion, reconnecting with old friends and marketing or advertising a product, and I only see it getting bigger.  People are becoming much more clever and savvy when it comes to social networking, and an increased amount of creativity will vastly increase the benefits and uses of social networking across the world.

    • Geoff Carr
    • March 25th, 2010

    “average Joe”
    I agree about Twitter. My wife had an account but deleted it after receiving weeks of useless blather from her friends.

  1. I agree with your opinion about twitter. I think twitter can be very positive for businesses trying to promote themselves, but I, too, deleted my account. I didn’t care to hear what someone ate, when they ate it or how good it was, and I did not think someone would care to know the same about me. I also like that you included linkedin, as it is a useful site but overall less known when compared to facebook, twitter or myspace.

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