Top Ten Things I Learned in PRCA 3339

I’m going to share the top ten things I learned over the course of my participation in PRCA 3339 during the Summer 2009 semesters:

10.) Blogging is without a doubt one of the premier social networking tools in communications today. It is all the rage and can potentially take over hard news copies.

9.) Indesign is a very great program, but one thing you should always keep in mind is that you can not save down. If you are working on a document in InDesign CS3 and save it, you cannot open it in CS2. The same goes for InDesign CS4. If you save a file in InDesign CS4, you cannot open the file using InDesign CS3.

8.) The United States has different social classes today. There is the Upper Class, also known as the “Elite” Class, the Working Class and the Middle Class.

7.) There are various steps you must address when designing a letterhead. Those steps are content, typography, layouts, thumbnails, paper & printing, and pre-testing.

6.) If you want to download and install a font onto your computer, you can do this by going to You can download and install all kinds of different fonts for free.

5.) The types of paper vary. Paper varies by texture, glossiness, and weight.

4.) There are strategic and commercial publications, and the purpose of a commercial publication is to make a profit.

3.) The three types of information about target publics are demographics, psychographics and sociographics.

2.) Electronic publications can be designed to appeal to particular Internet news groups.

1.) Every publication should be designed for its readers/targeted audience

View my slideshow via slideshare showing the top ten things I learned in PRCA 3339:

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