Importance of Alignment in Publications

Alignment refers to the layout of all of the items along invisible but easily identified lines.  Alignment is very important to all publications because if the alignment is off, it affects the entire publication in a negative way.  If you are designing a publication of any kind, you must take into account that the alignment has to be adjusted to where the publication reads easily.  There are times when it is better to align something to the right as well as to the left and center.

Alignment sometimes depends on whether or not you intend on using a text wrap somewhere throughout the publication.  Depending on where the text is aligned, the text wrap may be just right or clash with the rest of the content in the publication.  You do not want to align something so that the reader is confused or has a hard time reading it.

You want the reader to be able to transition smoothly from each area of content, so the alignment is very important in that regard. There are often times when a designer will align the content of a publication in different ways throughout the publication.

A lot of that depends on how you have your content arranged and how well it fits into your publication.  For example, I aligned a portion of my brochure to the center because of how easily it read.  It was a section all by it self called the “Famous Members” section, and having a list of names aligned to the center made the brochure look more professional.  Without Robin Williams’ influence on the standards of publications, people might not take into consideration the seriousness of alignment, contrast, repetition, etc.

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