A topic related to the content of PRCA 3339 (Blogging)

Something that I found interesting throughout the course of my time in the Publications class at Georgia Southern University was our blogging assignments.  I think that blogging is undoubtedly all the rage, and it’s a great way for aspiring journalists to hone their craft by sharing their writing expertise and knowledge about current events taking place in society today.  Prior to enrolling in the Publications class, I had never kept up with a blog. However, I posted on various internet forums relating to mixed martial arts and politics/religion.

Blogging is a new way for us to convey our thoughts and share them with the world through social networking.  Blogging is a big part of communications, and I am happy that I was introduced to WordPress in the publications course.  I will most certainly continue to blog throughout my last year in college as well as after I graduate because every little bit of writing helps me to improve my craft.

Social networking seems to be taking over media, and blogging is one of the aspects of social networking that is rising to the top.  If not for bloggers, there would not be nearly as much news available as there is right now, and many people would not get recognized for their often times exceptional content.  Blogging is without a doubt the future of social media and the news, and it could possibly take over newspapers and newspaper websites.

This can be considered a negative aspect of blogging, but nothing will change the fact that blogging is becoming one of the fastest growing social networking tools in communications.

Relevant link: http://news.cnet.com/The-future-of-blogging/2030-1069_3-5654288.html

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