Segmenting Publics for Client Brochure

My client is an international fraternity, so I will segment my client’s publics by age group since they all represent the same ideals. Perhaps I could designate a section of my client’s brochure as a student section, and I could designate a section of my client’s brochure for alumni and parents.  Potential students who are considering joining Omega Psi Phi would be able to provide their parents with a brochure, and their parents would be able to read a section of the brochure that is appealing to them while the prospective student can read a section that is appealing to him or her.

The purpose of my client’s brochure is to represent the organization in a positive light and entice prospective students to rush the fraternity.  A flashy yet professional brochure will only benefit my client, and it will also potentially entice the prospective students to join.  It can also potetntially make the prospective students’ parents encourage them to rush the fraternity when they start college.

Many students want to feel like they are a part of a brotherhood when they enroll in a college or university, and I can see how much the Omega Psi Phi’s value that brotherhood after living with the vice president for the past year.  Creating my client’s brochure is a stepping stone for heavily advocating for the organization, and I plan on Omega Psi Phi using my brochure in the future. Omega Psi Phi members represent honor, brotherhood, respect, and courtesy, and my brochure that I will design will help to provide better insight into their ideals.

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